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Practically all of the known archaeological sites in Ireland are listed here
Any developments near a known site or in the vicinity of a known site must engage an licensed archaeologist prior to planning and possibly throughout the initial soil disturbance.  In some cases, entire towns are so listed.  The onus is on the person building or developing.

The National Inventory of Architectural Heritage is a website of Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht. It is a fascinating database with images  of practically all the important buildings in Ireland and a vital resource for professionals and communities who are interested in preserving our architectural heritage.

This is an easy to follow 'Beginner's Guide' to Irish Archaeology.   It helps to sort out the phases of archaeology in Ireland. is designed to introduce you to some of the many rich and varied attractions of Ireland's Heritage.

"The readership is drawn from the professions, archaeologists, architects, planners, teachers, as well as large sections of the general public. Many of our subscribers are already members of local history societies..."

What's in a Placename?   Find out here in the Placenames Database of Ireland