Mary Henry

Archaeological Services Ltd.
Clonmel Co. Tipperary

Company Profile

Mary Henry Archaeological Services Ltd., based in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, was founded in 1992 by Mary Henry. One of the longest established archaeological consultancy companies in Ireland, the company has gained a wide range of expertise in the archaeological and heritage services industry. 
     Following graduation in 1983 from the National University of Ireland (Galway), Mary undertook a research MA Thesis in Distributional Analysis of Neolithic and Earlier Bronze Age Settlement Patterns in County Galway. Following the awarding of a 1st Class Honours MA degree in 1989, Mary worked on the Galway City Excavations until 1992. In 1992 Mary Henry, a Licensed Archaeologist since 1991, established an archaeological consultancy service in Clonmel, predominantly operating in the field of archaeology in the Tipperary area in the early years. 
     The Company has grown since its inception to offer a full range of archaeological consultancy services nationwide. Growth within the company particularly during the previous ten years led by participation in major Public Infrastructure Schemes, both locally and in other parts of the country, has required the employment of a fully professional and experienced staff. The company has built up an extensive archive and database of research material. Expertise has been gained in delivering all aspects of archaeological and heritage requirements as set out by planning legislation and other legislative requirements. 
     The client base extends extensively across the public, semi-public and private sectors. Furthermore the Company works with a large number of consultancy Engineering and Architectural firms, as part of design teams, in providing an archaeological project management service. Areas of speciality include Archaeological Impact Statements contributions for Environmental Statements, archaeological evaluations and advice on planning and legal requirements, pre-construction archaeological testing works, monitoring of ground works, excavations and post-excavation works. 
     In 2003 the Company expanded into Heritage Conservation, with the engagement of a Heritage Conservation. Since the Company offers a specialized service regarding all matters associated with the conservation and protection of Listed Buildings and Structures.

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